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Estate Strategies

None of us can predict what the future holds.  The only way to help make sure that your loved ones are taken care of is to create a strategy for your estate with clearly defined provisions in case the unexpected does occur.  Your Wealth Advisor can get you started by assembling a team to address these issues.

Your team includes your Wealth Advisor, an estate planning attorney, and a CPA or tax professional.  It is the team's responsibility to help you put the proper provisions in place to help protect you and your family during incapacitation and ensure accurate distribution of your assets. 

Estate Issues
  • Estate issues are extremely important to your family should you pass away or become unable to function as you do today. To make sure your family is better prepared, take a look at the following checklist. If there are items you can't check, your Wealth Advisor can help make sure you address them immediately.

      Account Registration

      Are your accounts registered properly with the correct persons on the account? If you have a living trust, have your accounts been registered in the name of the trust?

      Beneficiary Designation

      Are the beneficiaries named on your accounts still the correct beneficiaries? Are these beneficiary designations consistent with your overall estate plan?

      Health Care Directive/Living Will

      Do you have specific wishes regarding the administration of life-prolonging procedures? This document can convey your wishes when you are no longer able to communicate them.

      Durable Power of Attorney (General and Healthcare)

      Have you named someone to make financial and healthcare decisions on your behalf, should you become incapacitated? A Durable Power of Attorney is an important document that allows you to name this individual. It is even more imperative to those who do not have, nor wish to set up, a living trust.


      Do you have a last will and testament? At a minimum, you need to have a will to ensure your assets transfer in the manner that you prefer them to transfer.


      Are you concerned about estate taxes, avoiding probate, controlling the transfer of assets to heirs, leaving assets to children, protecting assets during incapacitation, or eventually needing assistance with money management and paying bills? If so, consider setting up a trust.

Contact a STRIVE Wealth Advisor for more information about estate strategies. 

STRIVE Wealth & Protection Planning LLC and its employees are not estate planners and cannot offer tax or legal advise.
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